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Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Award Winners


Summer Term - 'Someone that you feel has made an outstanding achievement'

Amy King, Year 9

Amy has excellent attendance even with her own serious health issues, is always happy and doesn't let anything get in her way.  She shows great determination and is very positive to be around.
Amy can often be found assisting her teachers or helping in the Student Support Centre.  She is a regular helper in the Student Information Centre where she has been extremely efficient and hard working, always willing to assist and help other students.

Award money spent on: A range of games and colouring materials for the Student Support Centre, and a freezer for first aid ice packs in the Student Information Centre.


Nathanael Georges, Year 10

Nathanael is an excellent student that always strives to do the very best that he can, with consistent attendance and a positive approach to everything he does - which is a key ingredient to the successes that he has had. In class, Nathanael contributes effectively, making sure that his knowledge and understanding is shared amongst his peers so as to develop their own learning.  He is considerate to the views of others and seeks to always enter into discussions in a mature and professional manner.  He regularly takes part in extra-curricular activities and was one of the initial students taking part in the Harris Experience programme. 
Since year 7, Nathanael has spent time working as a Student Librarian in the Learning Resources Centre, a job he became extremely proficient in – not only doing his own jobs, but also training other new student librarians as well.  He recently decided to relinquish this responsibility to concentrate on his GCSE work, but despite this, he is still always ready to lend a hand, and show the younger students how to use the library system.
Nathanael is always polite and prepared to tackle the challenges of a new school day and with his attitude and enthusiasm he is on the right path to face his upcoming GCSEs and emerge highly successful.

Award money spent on: New revision resources for all subjects in the Learning Resources Centre for students to borrow.


Aaron Fransz, Year 12

An extremely dedicated and hardworking student who takes pride in everything he does. He has produced some amazing Art work this year and I look forward to teaching him next year for A-level.
Aaron has shown amazing work ethic in both theory and practical of A level Product Design, he is always ready to help his fellow students and his wood working skills are the best his teacher has seen for a student his age. His final piece for the course has brought many students and members of staff across the school to the DT Department to acknowledge the skill, patience and diligence this young man has put into his work.

Award money spent on: Purchasing a Mini Wood Lathe for the DT Department.


Spring Term - 'Someone that has excelled in a subject or subjects'

Kade Vivian, Year 9

Kade is a very strong student, both academically and mentally, despite currently dealing with the loss of a family member.  He has managed to continue to perform well academically, always trying his hardest to excel and improve, as well as regularly staying after the Academy day to take part in enrichments.  His infectious smile is a huge positive influence in his classes, a real pleasure to teach.

Award money spent on: Purchasing replacement footballs and basketballs for students to use during break and lunch time.


Ruby Aylott, Year 10

Ruby is the kind of student that tends to go unnoticed as she just tends to get on with her day.  However, she has managed to turn her grades around in many of her subjects, regularly going above and beyond to aim higher in maths, English and science.  She is always positive, polite and ready to say ‘hello’ in the corridor to members of staff.  Her friends describe her as ‘always ready to help them out’, ‘smiling and caring’ and ‘supportive’ whether that is to do with a subject or outside of the Academy.

Award money spent on: A trip to Jump Giants for her PE class.


Maisie Born, Year 12

Maisie has excelled in AS physics since September, joining 3 weeks into the course.  Despite struggling to keep up as well as catch up on the missed work, her mathematics ability was evident but she had difficulty understanding the physics concepts.  She scored a ‘U’ on her induction test and was ready to leave Sixth Form altogether, however, she never stopped working and trying her best; eventually something clicked and she started to comprehend the physics, her hard work and determination seeing her score a ‘B’ on her January mocks (1 mark off an A!) and in fact scoring top of the class.  She has let nothing stand in her way and has gone from zero to hero.  She is an excellent student, and her best quality is how well she picks up material.  Her journey proves that you can achieve greatness if you put forward your best effort and do not give up!

Award money spent on: Purchasing a Still for the Science Department.


Autumn Term - 'Someone to be proud of'

Samuel Crowley, Year 8

Sam always takes pride in his appearance and his work, presenting himself as a model student in the Academy achieving excellent results across his subjects that is always punctual with a positive attitude.  Sam is also an avid table tennis and golf player, achieving many awards and assisting with teaching younger players.

Award money spent on: Purchasing replacement football goal nets and a table-tennis robot trainer.


Callum Mitchell, Year 11

We are proud of Callum as he is a hardworking, very conscientious student that has had to deal with a number of personal issues during his time at the Academy.  He has grown to be a student that is proud of his achievements and progress, always smiling and a positive role model.  He is also proud of his sister, who is also a student at the Academy dealing with her own medical conditions - Callum always looks out for her both at the Academy and at home.

Award money spent on: A mobile medical screen and wheelchair for the Student Information Centre.


Demi Robertson, Year 12

Demi is an active member of the sixth form at the Academy, and we are proud of her because she always does her best in everything she does, putting in maximum effort even when the benefits are small.  She helped to organise a very successful prom to celebrate the end of year 11 for her fellow students, and continues to be involved in organising both events and fundraising for charity.

Award money spent on: Resources for A-Level Art, including a light box, canvas primer and specialist artist brushes and pens.


Staff Award Winner

Mrs Brennan, Art Department Technician

Mrs Brennan is a one in a million person, ‘one hundred percent genuine’ and always concerned about the wellbeing of others above her own, showing complete dedication to her job as well as compassion, kindness and loyalty.  She goes a long way more than just an extra mile for students, her workmates, her friends and her family alike, often staying long past her finishing time in order to sort out resources, help and support students or to take part in HAFFA fundraising events and meetings.  She always goes far beyond her job description in her day to day work by assisting students with their artwork and enabling them to make far more progress than they would with just one teacher in the classroom, taking on anything that is asked of her and doing it to the very highest standard.  Some comments from staff and students about Mrs Brennan are:

“She has always been there to guide and support me throughout my time at Falconwood, to pick me up when I have been feeling overwhelmed and set me back on the right track”

“It is the little things that she does for us that make a huge difference: a cup of tea, a helping hand, a kind word or a good joke can turn even the most difficult day around”


Winners 2015-16

Summer Term - 'Someone that you feel has made an outstanding achievement or contribution to the Academy'

Petar Stanic, Year 9

Petar is an outstanding student with a particular penchant for mathematics.  He was part of the team that represented the Academy at the UK Mathematics Trust Intermediate Challenge, scoring the highest score of any Falconwood student.  He was subsequently invited to take part in the Kangaroo Challenge, something which only the top 10% of students are able to enter.
Petar also has an outstanding attendance of over 96%.
Award money spent on: Maths puzzles and games, plus a range of UKMT books.

Drew Stevenson, Year 9

Drew is a student that has become fully involved in Academy life since he started in year 7.  He is currently a member of the Student Council, a Youth Travel Ambassador - helping the Academy to achieve Gold Standard - and part of the Anti-Bullying Campaign.  He also regularly conducts tours of the Academy for prospective students, staff and visitors in a professional and courteous manner..  Due to his outstanding achievements, he was nominated and is now part of the Bexley Youth Council.
Award money spent on: A trip to the Jack the Ripper museum.

Esther Shambira, Year 10

Esther has overcome many personal challenges since starting at the Academy at the start of year 10, and has become a bubbly member of the year group making many new friends.  She recently took part in the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge, overcoming her fears to give a very passionate speech in front of her peers and eventually being chosen to represent the Academy at the Regional Final.  Esther gave another very personal and passionate speech at the event, earning herself 3rd place, the highest and Falconwood student has ever achieved.
Award money spent on: Text books for English study.

Spring Term - 'Someone that has excelled in a subject or subjects'

Thea Costi, Year 8

Thea excels in all her lessons, especially English where she received a 9 on her latest report.  She always works as hard as possible to achieve the best she can, even when she does not fully understand.  She is happy and bubbly and a pleasure to have in class, an inspiration to her class mates.
Award money spent on: Netball dresses and bibs for the girls team.

Billy Serretiello, Year 11

Billy is a very hardworking student that has become fully involved in Academy life – part of the student council, a student librarian and prefect.  He shows a very mature attitude to learning, which with his exceptional levels of enthusiasm, effort, and hard work have been rewarded with A grades in many of his subjects.  He is a real role model to other students in the Academy.
Award money spent on: DVDs for the LRC, Laser Mazes for Science and an Orbital Sander for Design Technology

Gowsalya Parmsri, Year 13

Gowsalya is an incredibly conscientious student who works hard to reach her potential, always putting in maximum effort.  She doesn’t give up until she has been able to fully understand and has a perfect answer, often staying late to complete all her tasks to the best of her ability.  She is polite and helpful with her peers always offering support to those struggling.   She has a great positive attitude and outlook towards her subject and life.
Award money spent on: A specialist Economics specialist visit for her Economics class.

Autumn Term - 'Someone that shows courage, consideration or conviction outside of the Academy'

Frankie Flunt, Year 11

Frankie has shown considerable courage and strength during his time at the Academy.  He suffers from Spina Bifida and has recently undergone over 18 hours surgery, which despite his pain and discomfort, he has remained positive and focused on returning to normal life. He has shown great resilience throughout.

Award money spent on: Purchasing a range of specialist wood working equipment for the Design Technology department.

Ally Nash, Year 7

Ally is an avid trampoline and gymnastics star outside of the Academy.  She spends her own time at the weekends teaching and coaching younger children and is a huge positive role model to them.

Award money spent on: Purchasing some gymnastics equipment for the PE department.

James Coady, Year 9

James has showed great courage and conviction during his serious illness.  He has remained positive at all times, working hard during his convalescence to maintain his grades at the Academy, becoming a real role model for his peers.

Award money spent on: Purchasing some DVDs for the Learning Resources Centre and some footballs for the PE department.

Staff Award Winner

Miss White, Teacher in charge of Music

Miss White has been nominated by our students as she is an excellent teacher who encourages all students to participate and excel in their music lessons. She always encourages students to try something new to increase their confidence. She readily adapts her lessons and resources to reach even the least able students. Miss White is very committed and passionate about her subject, always encouraging students to practise and compose during enrichment as well as taking the lead on the musical aspect of the school shows. She is a brilliant form tutor who supports her tutees in all aspects of their education, always there for anyone (even those not in her form) giving helpful advice. 


Winners 2014-15

Summer Term

Tegan Battersby, Year 10

Tegan is a quiet unassuming student, that does extremely well in all her subjects.  Recently she has shown great determination during the Jack Petchey Speak Out Speak Up event by conquering her fears and standing in front of a room of her peers to present her speech.  Although she was not chosen as the winner, she did receive a high commendation from the speaker running the session.  Tegan has also undertaken to have over 9 inches cut from her hair to raise money for cancer research.

Award money spent on: Purchasing a specialist Canon Powershot camera for photography students to use.

Gessica Zimmerman, Year 9

Gessica is one of those students that is always helpful, charming and kind.  She is always willing to help out with after school enrichments, represent the Academy in competitions and help both her friends and other younger students with the home work in the Learning Resources Centre.  She recently helped to prepare an Academy assembly with a team of students, having the courage to speak in front of her peers. Since then, she has offered to help with many more assemblies as well.  Gessica is currently heavily involved with helping one of our members of staff to raise awareness of a charity project in Malawi which helps to provide books for school children.  She is quite simply a model a student, always working to the best of her ability and ready to help anyone.

Award money spent on: Split between the Learning Resources Centre and Special Education Needs department.  A range of board games have been purchased for students to use in the LRC and coloured reading rulers for use in the SEN area

Ellie Waite, Year 12

Ellie has been a fantastic art student since she started at the Academy in year 7.  Her dedication to the subject has been outstanding and has seen Ellie produce excellent artwork throughout, exemplifying an exceptional talent for the subject.  Ellie achieved a grade A at GCSE last year and her work has since been used for exhibition invitations and displayed in an annual exhibition at Hall place two years in a row.  Ellie has also won awards for her artwork, receiving a ‘certificate of merit’ and a ‘highly commended certificate of merit’ from the local council.  She has since gone on to study art at AS-level, working exceptionally hard both at the Academy and at home to perfecting her sketchbook and developing excellent final pieces, all whilst maintaining her grades in her other subjects as well.  Ellie has been asked to mentor year 10 & 11 art and photography students, using her work to inspire and encourage them.  Her exceptional work ethic, polite and well mannered nature and her dedication to life at the Academy makes her a fantastic role model for these and other students. 

Award money spent on: Purchasing a range of specialist oil painting equipment for the Art department.

Spring Term

Thomas Shelley, Year 10

Tommy is a highly valued member of the Student Librarian team.  His enthusiasm and keenness to help is second to none and he can be relied upon to motivate and train the younger students.  Always ready to help, Tommy never complains and more often than not asks if there is anything he can do to help out.

Award money spent on: Purchasing a book returns box for the Learning Resources Centre.

Chanté Belgrave-Williamson, Year 9

Chanté has been nominated for her outstanding effort as part of the Harris Experience programme.  She is also a member of the Academy Student Council, helping to organise events and making decisions for the student body as a whole.

Award money spent on: A celebration evening for her form to mark the end of a good year at the Academy.

Jessica Slade, Year 11

Jessica has put in tremendous effort to her Duke of Edinburgh work, often taking charge of groups and leading on activities.  Her continued enthusiasm has influenced the entire group to achieve above their expectations.

Award money spent on: A celebration evening for her form to mark the end of year 11 and some expected good GCSE results.

Autumn Term

Harry Barnes, Year 13

Harry always shows genuine interest and engagement in all his subjects and regularly deepens the understanding of his classmates through his contributions to class discussions.
Put simply, Harry is a fantastic student with a positive attitude, who is capable of achieving A*'s across all his subjects.  He academic prowess has paid off as he is the first student at the Academy (and the predecessor school) to have gained an interview for Cambridge University.

Award money spent on: Providing a fund for future potential Oxbridge and Cambridge students to enable them to attend summer school programmes run by the universities.

Archie Bird, Year 8

Archie has been nominated for a Jack Petchey Award by a number of his peers and teachers.  These are some of the comments about him from those nominations;
‘Archie has a positive attitude and always works really hard in lessons to complete his work to a high standard.  He is polite to staff and often helps out in lessons.  Archie is also a young carer and has a lot of responsibilities at home.’
'Archie contributes to PE, even though he has a bad back.  He is always trying his best and never gives up.  He always contributes to the Academy, is always on time and has had 100% attendance.’
‘I think Archie is doing really well in his lessons.  He has the most pat-points.  He has a great funny personality.  He also has a number of responsibilities at home.’
‘Archie has made great progress in PE.  Despite his own problems, he always takes part and is an inspiration to everyone in the class.  He always helps staff.’

Award money spent on: A range of specialist woodworking tools for the Design Technology department.

Sharon Robertson, Year 10

Since Sharon started at the Academy, she has gone through some rough times but has managed to work through them and still do really well in her lessons.  She always tries her best in every lesson and everything about her has improved including her grades and attitude.
Sharon is a very polite and well mannered student. She is always on time for both morning and afternoon registration and is always very willing to help out.  Her attendance and punctuality are exemplary.  No matter what life throws at her, she always tries to keep smiling and do her best.

Award money spent on: Buying a printing press and associated materials for the Art department.

Staff Award Winner

Miss Hosker, Coordinator of Science

Miss Hosker has been nominated for her incredibly hard work, putting countless hours of her own time into preparing lessons and revision sessions - particularly for A-Level students. She is really friendly, approachable and supportive to both students and other members of the staff, even if it is not anything to do with her department.

Award money spent on: Providing some guest speakers to come and talk to year 10 and 11 students in order to try and raise their long-term aspirations and deepen their understanding of the range of career opportunities available.


Winners 2013-14

Summer Term

Chloe Mitchell, Year 10

Chloe entered into the Young Reporter Scheme 2014 through Newsquest.  This is a scheme designed to enable students to experience being a journalist for 8 months with the chance their article be published.  She dedicated a lot of time and effort to finding interesting stories to write about and reaching strict deadlines - you were disqualified if you did not meet deadlines or did not submit one month.  Although Chloe did not win this award, she will receive a 'Letter of Recognition' and has gained valuable experience putting her in good stead for a career in journalism.  Chloe was the only year 10 student from our academy that put herself forward for this and stuck with it for 8 months.

Award money spent on: Chloe decided to take her music class to see the musical Wicked in London.

Nicholas Newton, Year 11

Despite physical difficulties, Nicholas always has a positive attitude and strives to do the very best he can in all subjects.  He always contributes to question and answer sessions so much so that the teacher asks for other students to answer instead of Nicholas.  He is mature beyond his years and is a pleasure to support.

Award money spent on: Buying board games for the speech and language clubs in the SEN Department.

Sonny Robinson, Year 7

Sonny is a highly enthusiastic student, unquestionably committed to Academy PE and Sport.  He has played Football to a very good standard growing up, however has recently made a transition to Boxing.  His Dad owns a gym in South Bermondsey, in which Sonny helps train youngsters on a Saturday morning.
The effort and time that Sonny exerts in to his own performance is second to none.  He trains at Lynn Boxing Club, having to cycle or get 2 buses to his sessions after the Academy day is over on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s.  In addition, he trains for Bromley FC on a Tuesday evening, playing matches on Sunday’s. His only rest day is on a Friday.

Award money spent on: Purchasing a range of boxing equipment for the PE Department.

Spring Term

Alfie Bird, Year 9

Alfie is a student that has changed his attitude and work ethic for the better since the start of year 9.  He consistently tries his hardest in all subjects, and has seen an improvement in his grades.  He regularly shows integrity, initiative, independence, and his ability to enthuse and motivate his peers.
Alfie has recently been selected to spend three weeks in Japan in 2015 as part of the UKs largest youth movement to experience an entirely different culture with other young people from all over the world.  As part of this, he has committed to attend regular training to further develop his skills, teamwork and self-motivation, giving him the ability to cope with the new and unknown challenges ahead as well as undertake significant fundraising towards the cost.

Award money spent on: Purchasing a mini 3-D printer for the Design & Technology Department.

Evie Hayes, Year 8

Evie has been a committed member of the school production cast.  She has always demonstrated a high level of professionalism and has worked extremely well with both staff and other students.  She is at all times polite and well-mannered and has been an asset to the whole production team.
Evie consistently works hard in drama lessons.  She supports other students throughout the lessons and her encouragement and positive attitude has enabled other students to reach their potential.  Evie was a committed and invaluable member of the school production last year and she continues to show the same commitment in this years production, always smiling and trying her hardest with every challenge she faces.

Award money spent on: Combined with Ben Harvey to purchase radio microphones for use during drama performances.

Ben Harvey, Year 8

Ben recently sang in the whole Academy assembly and was also in the Shakespeare performance at the theatre in Greenwich.  He is an amazing student that has been too nervous to perform before.
He is an invaluable member of the music department, consistently positive and is always looking to develop as a musician.  Over the past two years Ben has developed enormously in his musical ability and his talent and skill have improved immeasurably. 
His performances in the Musical Mayhems, the school productions and whole Academy assemblies do not only himself proud, but the Academy as well.  In addition to his abilities on stage, Ben also looks to develop his musical skill in lesson time and at home.  He is an avid song writer and a keen and enthusiastic musician who takes it upon himself to explore and develop new musical ideas.  Ben is an asset to the Arts Faculty and we are very proud of his efforts and developments.  Well done Ben!

Award money spent on: Combined with Evie Hayes to purchase radio microphones for use during drama performances.

Autumn Term

Daniel Knight, Year 11

Daniel attended work experience at Apex Lifts, which he organised by himself.  They were so impressed with him that he was asked to work the whole summer holidays – paid!  He has since been offered a Saturday/holiday job and they have told Daniel that if he gets his exams they will take him on as a full time employee.

Award money spent on: Buying Dejembe drums for the music department to start a drumming enrichment after school.

Lauren Martin, Year 8

Lauren does lots of fundraising for different charities as well as helps others to raise money.  She does a lot voluntary work in her spare time; not just for the sake of it but it inspires her.  She is a really good friend who is kind and supportive and always there to listen to you.  She takes part in competitions, inside and outside of the school for a variety of sports, such as gymnastics, netball and horse riding.

Award money spent on: Buying Dejembe drums for the music department to start a drumming enrichment after school.

Priscilla Casey, Year 12

Priscilla is a wonderful person and runs a youth movement at such a young age.  She is the founder of TGYM (The Golden Youth Movement) and supervises over 50 young people.  She helps them realise their talent and maximise their potential.  TGYM includes, singers, dancers, rappers and various other talents and is a great movement because they are a big family.  It also encourages youths to stay off the street and engage in positive activities. For more information, go to

Award money spent on: Buying Sociology resources for sixth form studies.

Staff Award Winner

Mrs Johns, SENCO

Mrs Johns was extremely kind to me when I was having particular troubles in summer camp.  All the time she was there for me, someone I could talk to truthfully no matter what the subject.  She really deserves this award so I'm really hoping she earns it.  She was never judgemental to me when I spoke to her about my feelings and I will say she really did help me very much.  She's an honest, kind and caring character who always helped me.  Mrs Johns is always very supprotive to EVERYONE and always happy to hear your problems or your worries.

Award money spent on: Revamping the Academy ecology and vegetable garden.


Winners 2012-13

Summer Term

Molly Hawkins, Year 9

Molly came 28th (out of over 200 runners) in the mini marathon with a fantastic time of 19.40 for 3 miles!  Molly competed in the Bexley Schools Athletics Championships, at Erith Stadium.   Molly came 1st High Jump, 2nd Hurdles and 2nd 1500m.  She is an extremely athletic young lady.

Award money spent on: Equipment for the PE Department.

Jessica Carpanini, Year 9

Jessica plays for Chelsea at least 3 times a week outside of school.  She has to make her way to Surrey to do this so she is very committed.  She also represents the school at events and tries her best each lesson.  She is a credit to the Academy, form, and family.

Award money spent on:  A camera to analyse movement in specific detail in sports games as part of sports skills analysis.

Henry Noden, Year 7

Henry recently joined the student librarian team in the Learning Resources Centre and has already shown great commitment and a good work ethic, often doing far more than some of the longer serving members of the team.  Always ready to help when asked, Henry has become a valued member of the team.

Award money spent on: Buying a range of DVDs for students to borrow from the LRC.

Spring Term

Hayder Abdul Hussain, Year 9

Hayder has gone out of his way to help in the LRC since becoming a student librarian, always helpful and courteous to other students.  Hayder is involved in after school enrichments in which he participates fully.  He is a dedicated student and always pus 100% effort into his studies along with 100% attendance and punctuality so far this year.

Award money spent on: Logic puzzles and problem solving kits were purchased to run the UKMT enrichment after school.

Maisy McDonagh, Year 13

Maisy is hard working and friendly student, she helps students with homework, gives helpful feedback in Drama and she is charitable and polite.  Miasy saved her friends cat by offering advice when the cat ate something it should not have.  Maisy nurtured the cat back to health by feeding him boiled chicken and water.  Maisy is a Prefect in Y11 and has 100% attendance and punctuality so far this year.

Award money spent on: Joint contribution with another award winner to buy a licence to show Academy drama club productions to the public (Licensing Fee).

George Keit, Year 8

George is a student librarian. He is extremely helpful and always attends to support in the library even when it is not his day to day so.  George has 98.8% attendance so far this year.

Award money spent on: Two soft chairs for the library.

Autumn Term

James Haddock, Year 9

For his constant training as a St Johns ambulance Cadet (first aid certificate).  Spent 100 hours of voluntary first aid in London. He gives up an hour every week to help and teach 8 - 10 year olds first aid.  James has been at the Load Mayors show, London marathon and half marathon, supported at “Run to the beat”, Danson fireworks on standby as a first aider and Helps coach children with sailing.  James has also been to Mansion house in London acting as a stair guard of honour.

Award money spent on: Climbing equipment lip worth £60 and an insulated cover for the chicken shed.

Joshua Baker, Year 9

Good attendance to the academy despite having a physical disability.  Dedication to learning in the academy. A well-mannered respectful and pleasant students.  Joshua is a really hard worker and he is always trying to better himself. He attends homework club every day without fail and has never had a single detention. He consistently shows progress in all of his subjects and this is due to his great ‘can do’ attitude where he doesn’t let anything tricky get in his way and always asks for help. He is friendly, ever polite and very helpful.

Award money spent on: 2 Goal-Ball sets with blindfolds, 6 Reaction Ball sets and a Level 3 BTEC Sport Teachers Resource Pack. The BTEC pack is relevant to the sports activity equipment purchased. In the next couple of terms, the KS5 pupils have to complete a number of units whereby they plan and deliver a variety of sessions to KS3 classes. Within the pack are a number of resources, including lessons plans and modified sessions for those with learning difficulties, that they will use to provide the KS3 classes with inclusive, engaging and safe learning environments.

Elizabeth Oamen, Year 10

Contributed significantly to the life of the academy, always helps out when required to, volunteers her time  to raising money from charity selling truffles……(and other enterprising products) all this despite living a long way from the school (travel time). Never moans when asked to support the academy with staffing events. She is always smiling.

Award money spent on: Radioactivity, earthquakes, human cloning, genetic abnormalities and/or interactive revision for KS4 GCSE science club.  Calculators with brain training games for maths club.


Winners 2011-12


Winners 2010-11