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Posted on November 29th 2017

Harris History Cold War Conference

The first Harris History Conference was successfully held for GCSE students in conjunction with AIM Conferences.  It was an excellent opportunity for students to benefit from a bespoke event hosted by Harris Academy Falconwood.

Over 500 Harris students attended and were excited to meet the Oxbridge Academic and Historian Professor Robert Service.  Students were even given the opportunity during a Q&A session to ask some very thought provoking questions on whether the Cold War has really ended and the importance of the conflict in politics today.

Students also heard from Nick Shepley and Timothy Less on the Geopolitics and Origins of the Cold War which helped deepen their knowledge and gave them a greater understanding of how events like the Korean and Vietnam War impacted on the actions of the USA and USSR.

It was a very rewarding day that provided students with different interpretations and a uniquely challenging experience, that will only support and improve their performance in History.