Year 10 Mentors' Evening

As Covid-19 restrictions are being gradually lifted nationally, we are pleased to let you know that we will now be able to conduct mentors’ evenings for year 10. It will finally be a more formal opportunity for us to give feedback to parents/carers and discuss progress here at the Academy.

This is an opportunity for Year 10 parents/carers to meet their son’s/daughter’s Mentor for the duration of Year 11. They can also discuss the overall progress made so far throughout Year 10.

Year 11 students are all given an experienced Year 11 teacher that acts as their mentor and the link between home and the Academy throughout the rest of their time in KS4. It is a chance to start thinking about Year 11 and careers/college options that are on the horizon for this year group.

Where there are two year groups in the same evening, we will be using two separate areas in the Academy to facilitate this. It is possible to hold both at the same time as the vast majority of subject teachers do not teach both of these year groups.