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Letter from the Principal

Dear Student

Harris Academy Falconwood will be in its fifth year by September 2012 having moved into our £25 million new academy building this September.  This fantastic new learning environment provides high quality facilities for 1200 students across a wide range of curriculum subjects.

I fully understand that your current focus is probably on your studies for your impending GCSE examinations.  However, as you approach the end of Year 11, you arrive at a key point in your education.  This is the time when you need to plan carefully for your future and decide the route you are going to take in Further Education.  This booklet and prospectus provides you with advice and information about what Harris Academy Falconwood can offer you.

There is a wide range of Post 16 subjects available at the Academy.  All students who have demonstrated a willingness to work hard at KS4 and regularly attend this Academy, or their own school, are welcome to apply to the Post 16 for September 2012.

Post 16 represents a traditional stage between the years of compulsory education and either Higher Education or employment.  As a Post 16 student at Harris Academy Falconwood you will be treated differently by staff in anticipation that we would receive from you an adult response and approach to study.  You should be prepared to gradually assume a greater responsibility for your own learning and provide a positive example for younger students.  You will have more freedom than at present to plan the most effective use of your time and the opportunity to take on leadership roles within the Academy.
It is vital that you have a clear view of the choices available, based upon what you are likely to achieve in your GCSEs.   You need to think about what areas of the curriculum interest you and which subjects you enjoy, particularly those where you have talent and are able to achieve success.   If you have a particular career in mind, you need to carefully research the qualifications required.  If you do not have a firm idea of a future career path at present, you need to look at the range of options that will be open to you from the courses available. 

You need to seek advice, so that your choices are made from the basis of thorough research and knowledge.  You should talk to your parents, form tutor, subject teachers and careers advisor, as well as using other available sources of information.  Once you have applied to our Post 16, you will be offered an interview where your choices will be discussed with a senior member of staff from our Academy.  Students who fulfil the criteria will then be offered a place, subject to achieving the entry requirements.

Regular attendance is essential for you to succeed.  You will be expected to meet all deadlines and be prepared to work for at least six hours per week in addition to lesson time for each subject studied.  Just as the Academy expects a great deal from you, in return you can expect the maximum input from us.  You will get care, encouragement and support from staff who will work with you as individual, mature and responsible students.

If you are prepared to work hard and accept responsibilities, we would like to see you as an active member of our Post 16.  I wish you every success in your GCSE examinations and hope to see you at our Academy next academic year.

Yours faithfully

Ms T Askew