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BBC News School Report

The Horse Meat Scandal

by Nick

The horse meat scandal fell under the spotlight in January, when Irish food inspectors announced they had found horse meat in frozen beef burgers.

Horse meat has even been alleged to have found its way into U.K schools.  The British public has lost confidence in the food industry and it has affected the way we buy our food.  We cannot trust our supermarkets or suppliers anymore; people like to know what is being put in their food and what they are eating.

33% in a recent poll of shoppers said they have switched to non-processed meat and 60% said they have changed their shopping habits.  The question is, is this food safe for us? Health experts tell us that the issue is fraud rather than food safety.


Harlem Shake for Comic Relief

By Ashnika

Here at Harris Academy Falconwood we wanted to support Comic Relief, so we decided to strut our stuff in a Harlem Shake.  The event took place on Friday 15th March and everyone that took part in the event had to pay £1; we also held cake sales to raise as much money as possible.

Our Harlem Shake was no ordinary affair - ours consisted of two teachers bouncing on a trampoline dressed as gingerbread men, and many year 7's having the time of their lives in their onesies because here at Harris Falconwood it’s all about being funny for money. 

Overall the whole event was a major success, having over 200 students take part in the shake and raising up to £580 for Comic Relief!