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Post 16 Culture & Ethos


A Positive and Motivating Learning Community

Harris Falconwood Post 16 strives:

  • To encourage high academic standards and to enable each student to achieve his/her full potential.
  • To encourage and maintain personal high standards in work, conduct and presentation and to foster an acceptance of individual responsibility in this respect. 
  • To place every student on a programme of study appropriate to his/her ability and needs. 
  • To allow every student individual freedom wherever possible, in order to prepare him/her for planning his/her time at University or for entry into employment.
  • To provide all necessary guidance with regard to entry to Universities, Colleges of Higher Education or employment.
  • To encourage every student to take a full and active part in the life of Post 16 and to contribute to its leadership.

We have a broad and motivating range of courses for Post 16 students. In addition to a range of A/AS levels, we also offer a range of vocational courses.  We believe that Post 16 courses should be a preparation for each student’s higher education course or career.  As part of the Post 16 interview, students are asked about their future plans to ensure that the course they are starting will fit with these aspirations.

During the course of study, our careers consultant will advise students about applying for higher education, application forms, entry qualifications and career prospects. Students also get the opportunity to attend Careers Fairs and University conferences.


Pastoral Care

We believe that success comes from a partnership between teachers and students. All staff are highly qualified and experienced to teach Post 16 courses.

Every Post 16 student has a form tutor.  In the tutorial periods students cover topics which are relevant to life within the Academy and beyond.  Students have the opportunity to discuss University, work and social aspects of their life after Post 16 through a structured tutorial programme.  All Post 16 students will work towards a Level 3 Work Skills qualification providing them with valuable UCAS points and employability preparation.

We provide an environment that supports high quality learning, through rigorous study support and a varied tutoring system.

Each student is monitored – half-termly progress is shared with students and their families and appropriate targets are set.  All students have access to a team of staff offering support which is targeted at their identified needs.