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Applications for places will be made in accordance with Local Authority admission arrangements and will be made on the Common Application Form provided and administered by the Local Authority. The Academy will work to the common admissions timetable agreed by Bexley Local Authority.

Additionally, in order to assist the Academy to make provision for your son/daughter who may require extra support in the Harris Banding Test, you should complete the Supplementary Information Form. This is available in our prospectus, copies of which are sent to all local primary schools. Alternatively, the Supplementary Information Form is available, upon request, from the Academy. This should then be returned  to the Academy. 

NB completion of a supplementary form for Harris Academy Falconwood does not constitute an application to the Academy. You MUST complete the Local Authority Common Application Form as well.

The Harris Academy Falconwood admits 180 students each year.

All applicants will take a standardised non-verbal reasoning test. Students will be placed into one of 9 ability groups based on the results of this test. This is not a pass or fail test. It is designed to ensure that students of all abilities have an equal chance of gaining a place at the Academy.

Where the number of applications for admission is greater than the published admissions number, applications in each band will be considered against the criteria set out below, using inner and outer catchment areas (zones) with agreed allocations of places to each.

After the admission of pupils with statements of Special Educational Needs where the Academy is named on the statement, the criteria will be applied in the order in which they are set out below:

a) children in public care;

b) 90% of the remaining places to children residing in priority zone A, selected by lottery;

c) any remaining places to children residing in zone B, selected by lottery.

Note: Priority Zone A will include all addresses falling within a radius of 1.75 miles from the main entrance to Harris Falconwood Academy as from time to time determined and published by the Governing Body.

Proof of Residence
An original proof of residence must be submitted with the Supplementary Form. It must be one of the following: A landline telephone bill, electricity bill or gas bill dated no earlier than 1st June 2013. If gas/electricity is paid by key/meter, you must provide a summary from your supplier showing usage and payments dated no earlier than 1st June 2013.

If applying to Harris Academy Falconwood please list the Academy on the Common Application Form which is returned to the Local Authority.

Additional Information
Additional information can be found on the Bexley Government website.