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Governing Body

Whilst the academy is outside of Local Authority control, it is accountable to an Academy Governing Body (AGB). The AGB is an independent body and is responsible, with the Principal, for setting and monitoring the educational direction of the academy and the targets to be achieved over time.

The AGB includes representation from the teaching and non-teaching staff, parents and the Local Authority.  Each AGB Chair sits on the Board of the Harris Federation of South London Schools.

List of Governors

Ms Terrie Askew (Principal)
Dr Colin Boswell
Mr Phil Eadie
Mr Dominic Evans (Staff Governor)
Mr Martin Harris
Mr Nick Hassey
Mrs Juanita Kerman
Sir Daniel Moynihan
Mr Geoff Payne (Chair)
Mr Steve Ward (Parent Governor)
Mr Andrew Watkins (Staff Governor)

Ms Linda Callaghan (Clerk to Governors)

Governor's Meeting Dates 2014/15

Full Governing Body (5.00pm - 6.30pm)

Tuesday 9th September 2014
Tuesday 11th November 2014
Tuesday 3rd February 2015
Tuesday 7th July 2015

Finance & General Purposes Committee (3.45pm - 5.00pm)

Ms Terrie Askew, Mr Phil Eadie, Sir Daniel Moynihan, Mr Geoff Payne

Tuesday 11th November 2014
Tuesday 17th March 2015
Tuesday 9th June 2015

Curriculum Committee (5.00pm - 6.30pm)

Ms Terrie Askew, Dr Colin Boswell, Mr Martin Harris, Mr Nick Hassey, Mrs Juanita Kerman, Sir Daniel Moynihan, Mr Geoff Payne, Mr Steve Ward

Tuesday 17th March 2015
Tuesday 9th June 2015

Contacting the Governors

Please address all correspondence for the Governors to:

Ms Linda Callaghan
Clerk to Governors
Harris Academy Falconwood
The Green
Kent  DA16 2PE

EMail info@harrisfalconwood.org.uk