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Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Progress 8, Attainment 8 & Examination Results

Progress 8

Progress 8 is a new secondary accountability measure aimed at measuring the progress of pupils across a selected set of 8 subjects.  It is a type of value added measure, meaning that pupils’ results are compared to the actual achievements of other pupils with the same prior attainment.  It has been introduced alongside another new accountability measure; Attainment 8.

Progress 8 Scores
2016 Above Average

Attainment 8

Attainment 8 is a measure of a pupil’s average grade across a set suite of eight subjects.  Grades will be measured on a 1-8 point score scale, rather than the current 16-58 scale.

On this new scale, 1 is equivalent to a Grade G GCSE. An increase in one point will represent an increase of one GCSE grade up to 8, which is equivalent to an A* GCSE.

Attainment 8 Scores
Year Harris Academy Falconwood Bexley
(local Authority)
(all schools)
2016 52.7 52.2 48.2

KS4 Results

We have had another fantastic set of GCSE results this year due to the hard work and dedication of our students and staff.

Students Achieving Grade C or Better in English & Mathematics GCSEs
Year Harris Academy Falconwood Bexley
(local Authority)
(all schools)
2016 71% 66% 58%
Students Achieving the English Baccalaureate
Year Harris Academy Falconwood Bexley
(local Authority)
(all schools)
2016 22% 29% 22%

KS5 Results

  Falconwood National
Number of Students Studying A-Level 86 323373
Average Grade C C +
Best 3 Average Grade C + C +
Progress 0.03 0
Applied Generals
Number of Students Studying Applied Generals 64 125325
Progress 0.18 0
Tech Levels
Number of Students Studying Tech Levels 19 69318
English & Mathematics GCSE
Number of Students Studying English 5 145524
Progress 0.2 -0.10
Number of Students Studying Mathematics 10 157452
Progress 0.4 -0.13
Students Remaining in Education/Employment
(for at least 2 terms after 16 to 18 study)
95% 65%
UK Higher Education 62.5% 48%
UK Higher Education Top Third 22% 17%
Russell Group Higher Education 11.5% 11%