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Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme is a life-changing experience. It is an opportunity to set personal challenges and push boundaries, developing children's independence and self-esteem. It is an internationally recognised mark of achievement and respected by colleges, universities and employers.

Please see the Duke of Edinburgh website for further information about the award then please direct your enquiry to Mr Wilson, the DofE Coordinator. 

Bronze Award 

At Harris Academy Falconwood, all Year 10 students will be invited to take part in their Bronze award which will run during Monday period five lessons.

There are four sections students will need to complete to earn their award: 

  • Volunteering: giving time to help others. Examples of this include: supporting the school library, running an awareness and fundraising campaign for a charity, or helping others in the wider community
  • Physical: committing to a sport, dance or fitness activity
  • Skill: learning a new skill or improving an existing talent. Examples of this include Art, Cooking, Music and Chess
  • Expedition: A walking trip over 2 days, with 1-night camping. 

Students will need to complete their volunteering, skill and physical sections at an extra-curricular club offered at the Academy, an external club or at home. Many of them will already be doing these activities by attending their extra-curricular club and through other hobbies, so this award is a great opportunity for them to get recognition for their existing work.  

Please see the extracurricular timetable for information about the opportunities at the Academy. Students need to commit one hour per week to volunteering and skill for three months, and physical for six months.  

Please have regular conversations with your child to find out how they are progressing through their activities and what they are learning. They will need to collect evidence of their learning and accomplishments with an activity log and other sources such as photos. At the end of a section an adult will need to write a short report on how they have challenged themselves and what they have learnt over that period of time. This assessor cannot be a parent or guardian but can be any another adult who can comment on their progress, such as their tutor, coach, or the teacher running the extra-curricular club.

In preparation for the expedition, we will be covering key skills during Club Mondays, including the following topics: 

  • First Aid 
  • Nutrition and Camp Cooking 
  • Navigation and Map Skills 
  • Camp Craft  
  • Leadership and Communication  
  • Opportunities for them to Volunteer at another enrichment club

These are all valuable skills which will benefit them into adulthood. 

The Bronze Expedition takes place in the summer term, in the Beachy Head area where they will spend the day walking, then camp at Alfriston campsite, ready to walk for the second day.


Silver Award 

Students have the opportunity to work towards the silver award in Year 12 by attending the dedicated extra-curricular club and completing the activities as below: 

  • Volunteering - six months 
  • Physical and Skill - One for six months, the other for three months 

At this level, the Expedition is three days and two nights, and this is completed twice - one is a practice trip and the other is the final assessed expedition. These expeditions take place in the summer term.  


Gold Award 

Students will have the opportunity to complete their gold award in Year 13 at Harris Academy Falconwood Sixth Form. This award is offered by the Harris Federation.  Our students will be given the opportunity to complete the expedition with students from a number of different academies.  This is an exceptionally prestigious award that demonstrates outstanding levels of commitment and positive personal qualities. Please see the Duke of Edinburgh website for further details of this level of the award.