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Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














Governance & Scheme of Delegation

Within England, there are over 300,000 School/Academy Governors, who form one of the largest volunteer forces in the country.

The roles of individual Governors, and subsequently members of a Governing Body, is to work collectively to perform a strategic role and carry out key functions such as:

  • Discuss and set the aims and objectives for the Academy.
  • Set the required policies for achieving those aims and objectives.
  • Set the required targets for achieving those aims and objectives.
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress that the Academy is making towards it’s set aims and objectives.

Finally, the role of role of the Academy Governor is to be a source of challenge and support to the Principal, i.e. a 'critical friend.'

The Academy Governing Body of Harris Academy Falconwood

The Academy is a member of the Harris Federation. Ultimate responsibility for the Academy rests with the Board of Trustees of the Federation, (Federation governance details and scheme of delegation can be found here), but much of the work of the Board is delegated to the Local Governing Body (the Governors of the Academy). Some Governors are appointed by the Federation whilst others are elected by parents or guardians of students at the Academy or by staff. The details of the Governors at Harris Academy Falconwood are shown below.

The Chair of the Academy Governing Body: Mr Steve Ward
The Clerk to the Academy Governing Body: Ms Linda Callaghan
Address: Harris Academy Falconwood, The Green, Welling, Kent  DA16 2PE
Telephone: 020 8304 4916

Academy Governing Body


Date of Appointment & Term of Office

Appointed as

Business & Pecuniary Interests

Meetings attended 2017-18

Sir Daniel Moynihan 1st September 2010 Ex-Officio CEO Harris Federation  
Ms Terrie Askew 1st September 2014 Ex-Officio Principal, Harris Academy Falconwood 4 of 4
Mr Steve Ward 1st September 2015
4 years
Sponsor Governor
Chair of Governing Body
Safeguarding Governor
None 4 of 4
Mr Larry Aiyedogban 23rd May 2018
4 years
Sponsor Governor None 1 of 1
Mr James Bartle 23rd May 2018
4 years
Sponsor Governor None 1 of 1
Mr Nick Edwards 20th October 2016
4 years
resigned 9th March 2018
Sponsor Governor None 1 of 2
Mr Nick Hassey 21st March 2018
4 years
Sponsor Governor
Vice Chair of Governing Body
Employee of Teach First 2 of 4
Mrs Barbara Haddock 6th January 2019
4 years
Sponsor Governor Governor of Fosters Primary School 3 of 4
Ms Funmi Olomo 14th November 2017
4 years
Sponsor Governor None 1 of 2
Mr Luke Ryder 6th February 2016
4 years
Sponsor Governor
Chair of Finance & General Purposes Committee
None 3 of 4
Ms Nicole Dolman 1st November 2016
4 years
resigned 29th March 2018
Staff Governor None 0 of 3
Mr Daniel Maher 15th November 2016
4 years
Staff Governor None 4 of 4
Mrs Ibukun Emmanuel-Adebayo 6th January 2019
4 years
Parent Governor Director of Alpha Consulting Operations and Elevator Pitch Hires Ltd. 2 of 4

Academy Governing Body Areas of Interest

Mr Larry Aiyedogbon DT, Pastoral Support
Mr James Bartle Humanities, Spanish
Mrs Ibukun Emmanuel-Adebayo GDPR, Disadvantaged Most Able Students, High Ability Students, Business & ICT
Mrs Barbara Haddock Maths, Sixth Form, Careers
Mr Nick Hassey English, Most Able Students
Mr Luke Ryder Science, Pupil Premium
Mr Steve Ward SEND, Safeguarding, PE
Ms Funmi Olomo Art, Drama, Music, SIC

Finance & General Purposes Committee Meetings Attended

Ms Terrie Askew 3 of 3
Mr Nick Hassey 3 of 3
Mr Luke Ryder 3 of 3
Mr Steve Ward 3 of 3
Mrs Ibukun Adebayo 1 of 3


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