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What is Science?

Science is a way of studying and understanding the universe in which we exist, which has been developed over time and in many cultures.  We teach essential aspects of the knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science. 


Why do we teach Science at HAF?

At HAF, we teach science to foster a curiosity in our students about the natural world. We want them to be inquisitive, to ask questions and to think critically. We aim to achieve this by improving the knowledge of our students in the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


How do we teach Science at HAF?

Our curriculum at HAF starts off with the big ideas and slowly builds into the uses, applications and theories in modern Science. The knowledge within our curriculum is separated into two strands. Firstly, the facts and phenomena needed to understand the world and secondly into the skills required to work like a scientist. Both we feel are necessary to develop our students and ready them for a future in science.

We also teach the rigour of the scientific method. This enables the students to provide valid explanations and analysis to a question or problem.  We aim to achieve this through the explicit teaching of how to work like a scientist in KS3, KS4 and KS5.


Which examination board do we study at Key Stage 4?

Students studying the sciences at HAF follow the AQA Specifications. 

These specifications can be found here: 

AQA GCSE Biology (8461)

AQA GCSE Chemistry (8462)

AQA GCSE Physics (8463) 

AQA GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy (8464)


What do we teach to each year group?

Our Curriculum Maps below show what is taught to each of our groups.

KS3 Curriculum Map

Science Curriculum Map (2)

KS4 Curriculum Map

Science Curriculum Map (1)

KS5 Biology Curriculum Map

Biology Curriculum Map KS5

KS5 Chemistry Curriculum Map

Chemistry Curriculum Map KS5

KS5 Physics Curriculum Map

Physics curriculum map KS5

Useful Resources & Websites


Students may find it useful to purchase a copy of the Collins Revision Guide.  These can be obtained from the science department at the Academy.

AQA past papers are used on a daily basis both in lessons and for homework.  They can be downloaded from the AQA website.

Useful Websites

AQA Exam Board - The exam board for science at the Academy

BBC Bitesize - Key Stage 3

BBC Bitesize - Key Stage 4

MyGCSEScience - A YouTube channel dedicated to GCSE science

GCSE AQA Biology Microscopy - How to correctly use a microscope and estimate the size of cells

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