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Who left the flour out? They make great "snow" angels 👼 Now it's shower time! 🚿


It's Christmas in the Library, why not come and read one of our Christmas themed books?🎄🎅


From today, the government is asking all secondary students to wear face coverings within the school buildings, unless they are exempt


Retweetd From Andrew Raybould

What a pleasure to visit Brass rehearsals. so much going on in the Music Department. Great work! Exciting times


Here's our weekly progress achievement for the bedrock challenge 📚


One of the reasons we love having all our Students in the same building are moments like these, a Y7 asked to play a game during Lunch, and a Y12 who was free offered to join and have a chat.


A beautiful photo from our Geography A Level students visiting this week at Durdle Door 🌍


..and here is one of the lovely cards our students put in one of the boxes. 🎁💜


Here are two of our girls who worked really hard and helped us with putting the packages into the pick-up lorry today. 🎁


Have a look at all the wonderful 'Love in a box' presents our Students & Staff have made ready to be sent to disadvantaged children in Eastern Europe, they put a lot of work in to it and we are really proud. 🎁


We are thrilled to be able to host Brass Band again - A great partnership with rooted in providing outstanding music opportunities in and out of the classroom! 🎶


A class full of talent in todays 6th Form Art class, looking forward to seeing the finished pieces. 🎨👩‍🎨🖌️


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Happy Friday! Students, don't forget to complete your Bedrock lessons to be in the running for one of these 52 amazing prizes. Teachers can enter their schools by simply reposting this tweet or our pinned tweet:


An inspirational session from this morning as part of the annual conference 👏👏👏


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Great interview workshop with the incredible Amy+Becky. Outstanding contributions from all Year 13 incl. from + more. Joint session with our best pals


Our dear librarian has made sure the Horror section of our library is fully into the Halloween spirit📚🎃


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**Less then a week until 1st Open Evening event for September 2022 entry** South Norwood Campus: Wednesday 6th October (5pm - 7pm) Crystal Palace Campus: Thursday 7th October (virtual – from 6pm) Click below for our other campus dates


We've just launched our new Knowledge Organisers 🧠Our Students tell you how to use them:


Our open mornings have been a huge success this week. Head of Academy, Mr Street talked about The Magic Ingredients that make HAF what it is.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office
















Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) & Relationships, Sex and Heath education (RSHE)


Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) and Relationships, Sex and Heath education (RSHE) at Harris Academy Falconwood is taught in Key Stage 3 & Key Stage 4 to year 7 and year 10 students. The purpose of the PSHE and RSHE course is to provide students with knowledge and understanding of life skills which are not necessarily delivered in other subjects. Important aspects of the RSHE course are taught within the PSHE programme.

Students are provided with a series of lessons which are dedicated to their social, emotional and physical development, and allows students to develop a variety of valuable life skills which will not just enhance them academically but will also aid them to make more sensible and informed decisions outside of the academy.

The course includes the exploration of important topics which come under the personal, social, health, economic, & categories. The inclusion of such important content of relationships, ensures that students can be reflective, well rounded citizens and that they are about to make well informed decisions and choices int their future lives. There are a number of principles which underpin the PSHE curriculum. These include:

To bring students into contact with the issues of relationships, morals, ethics, values and are all developed through the curriculum. 

To provide contextual knowledge which enables learners to develop and build a good sense of identity and belonging.

To enable learners to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed at life in modern Britain including; personal, social, economic education, and relationships, Sex and health education.

To enable learners to consider, understand and live up to their responsibilities towards themselves, their families, and society.

To ensure that learners access IT and related knowledge including the dangers of technology so that they can make sensible decision in their future lives.

To continue to focus on the holistic development of learners within our academy.



PSHE and RSHE is delivered to students in Years 7 & 10 in one 50-minute timetabled lesson each week. The lessons do not have to follow the typical Harris Academy Falconwood pedagogy. Frequently, the teacher may plan a lesson out of the classroom to develop the skills associated with that lesson topic.

Students are encouraged to debate, discuss and challenge themselves (and others) throughout the curriculum. These lessons are dedicated to developing the personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education of our students. All PSHE topics delivered are age appropriate and have been planned in accordance with advice from the PSHE Association. The Relationships, Sex and health education follows the latest government guidance. These lessons are designed to nurture the development of students at age-appropriate levels, where they continue throughout each key stage.



The PSHE and RSHE Coordinator (Mr L Anderson) will organise regular training opportunities for staff who are delivering this course.

The PSHE curriculum, promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of students and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life and society (School Standards and Framework Act 1998, S79; Circular 1/94 paragraph 16). Effective SMSC development is essential to the holistic growth of students.

The PSHE curriculum is designed to ensure that students develop the skills and knowledge to succeed in life after school as successful, well-rounded, thoughtful citizens of modern Britain.

In PSHE and RSHE teachers monitor students learning through participation in class and the dialogue of learners. Teachers also check the quality of students books for learning and provide whole-class feedback to identify areas for development. As with any subject, successful AFL strategies are used throughout the course so teachers can ascertain any misconceptions or topics which need further teaching at any point.PSHE is a non-assessed subject. Although there is ongoing monitoring of learning in PSHE and RSHE, students do not sit a formal exam.

Year 7

Autumn 1 Living in the Wider World

Lesson 1 Aspirations
Lesson 2 Self-Esteem
Lesson 3 Wants and needs
Lesson 4 Prejudice and Discrimination
Lesson 5 Keeping Safe online
Lesson 6 Ethical consumerism

Autumn 2 Living in the Wider World 2

Lesson 1 Budgeting
Lesson 2 Creating a budget plan (1)
Lesson 3 Creating a budget plan (2)
Lesson 4 What are Savings, Loans, & Interest rates
Lesson 5 What are financial products
Lesson 6 What are different kinds of financial transactions

Spring 1 RSHE: Relationships, Identitiy & Safety

Lesson 1 Making genunine friendships and aoiding toxic ones
Lesson 2 Families & different long term commitments
Lesson 3 Romance, love, new feelings & teen relationships
Lesson 4 Bullying or banter- what is acceptable?
Lesson 5 How can we prevent online bullying?
Lesson 6 How can we keep safe and positive relationships

Spring 2 Relationships, Identitiy & Safety

Lesson 1 What does it mean to be a British citizen?
Lesson 2 What is online Radicalisation?
Lesson 3 Assessment
Lesson 4 Think you know
Lesson 5 Think you know
Lesson 6 Think you know

Summer 1 Healthy Living and responsible health choices

Lesson 1 What do we mean by a healthy lifestyle?
Lesson 2 How can I keep a balanced diet?
Lesson 3 How do I know if I'm eating healthily?
Lesson 4 What are the consequences of not eating healthily?
Lesson 5 What's the big deal about enrgy drinks?
Lesson 6 How can I commit to a healthy life?
Lesson 7 Why is Smoking so bad for us? Dangerous Drugs

Summer 2 Puberty, Emotional Health & Well-Being

Lesson 1 How can we keep good mental health?
Lesson 2 Emotional Literacy. How can I control my anger?
Lesson 3 Puberty. What can I expect, what's normal and what does happen?
Lesson 4 Periods. The Menstrual cycle and PMS
Lesson 5 FGM. What it is, why it is so serious, what we can all do to help?
Lesson 6 Assessment

Year 8

Autumn 1 RSHE: Sex, Relationships & Conflict

Lesson 1 Consent
Lesson 2 Contraception
Lesson 3 The Dangers of Pornography
Lesson 4 Sexting and Image share danger
Lesson 5 STIs
Lesson 6 Male Body image

Autumn 2 Prejudice, Values, Extremism, + Cults

Lesson 1 British Values: Tolerance
Lesson 2 Who are the radical groups ?
Lesson 3 Where does extremism come from?
Lesson 4 How do leaders attract converts?
Lesson 5 Extremism. Sharia Law in the UK
Lesson 6 Preventing Radicalisation and Extremism
Lesson 7 Discrimination & Prejudice, Religion. Assessment 

Spring 1 Careers and Finance

Lesson 1 Finance: Income and Expenditure
Lesson 2 Finance: Tax and National Insurance
Lesson 3 How tax is spent. Public funding in the UK
Lesson 4 Budgeting and Saving
Lesson 5 Careers: Entrepreneurs
Lesson 6 Careers skills: Team work and Communication

Spring 2 My Goals, Behaviour and Emotions

Lesson 1 Self-confidence and Goals
Lesson 2 Personal development & Target setting
Lesson 3 Managing my behaviour to achieve
Lesson 4 Emotional Literacy : Self-awareness
Lesson 5 Mindfulness
Lesson 6 Assessment

Summer 1 Looking after our health

Lesson 1 Vaping, Nicotine and Addiciton
Lesson 2 Cancer awareness 
Lesson 3 Personal Safety & First Aid
Lesson 4 Teenage Pregnancy
Lesson 5 Think you know
Lesson 6 Assessment

Summer 2 Discrimination, Prejudice & Challenges 

Lesson 1 Stereotypes & prejudice: Disabilty 
Lesson 2 Hompophobia: LGBT discrimination around the world
Lesson 3 Discrimination: Teenagers and Stereotypes
Lesson 4 How can we avoind online groomers?
Lesson 5 Environmental issues
Lesson 6 Assessment

Year 9

Autumn 1 Healthy Relationships with others and ourselves

Lesson 1 Eating Disorders
Lesson 2 Body Image
Lesson 3 Child Sexual Exploitation
Lesson 4 Abusive Relationships
Lesson 5 Peer Pressure
Lesson 6 British Community, Religion & Culture & identity
Lesson 7 LGBTAQI + Community

Autumn 2 Our Health and Personal Safety

Lesson 1 Alcohol awareness
Lesson 2 Drugs and the law
Lesson 3 Vaccinations, organs and blood donation (1)
Lesson 4 Vaccinations, organs and blood donation (2)
Lesson 5 Acid Attacks
Lesson 6 Self Harm
Lesson 7 Assessment

Spring 1 Achieving good Mental Health

Lesson 1 Behaving to achieve. Why do we have rules in the classroom?
Lesson 2 Human Rights: Access to Education
Lesson 3 Interpersonal skills
Lesson 4 Discriminationand the Equality Act 2010
Lesson 5 Growth Mindset 
Lesson 6 Coping with stress & managing anxiety
Lesson 7 Selfie Safety

Spring 2 Preparing for the wider world. Careers and Enterprise

Lesson 1 Taking control of my future
Lesson 2 Work skills, enterprise and the work environment
Lesson 3 What exactly is enterprise and what are enterprise skills and qualities ? (1)
Lesson 4 What exactly is enterprise and what are enterprise skills and qualities ? (2)
Lesson 5 Enterprise & workplace skills and charateristics 
Lesson 6 Assessment

Summer 1 Preparing for the wider world: Finance and careers

Lesson 1 How can we keep financially Savvy and avoid debt?
Lesson 2 How can I successfully managemy money? Accounts, savings, loans.
Lesson 3 Consumer and the law- what are my rights?
Lesson 4 Employability: Applying and preparing for the world of work
Lesson 5 Think you know
Lesson 6 Assessment

Summer 2 Rights and Responsibilities

Lesson 1 Who are UNICEF and how do they help around the world?
Lesson 2 Human Rights: Trafficking
Lesson 3 How and why does the UK help people in different countries?
Lesson 4 What is sustainibility and how can we live in a more sustainable way?
Lesson 5 How does the law deal with young offenders?
Lesson 6 Why do teens get involved with knife crime and what are the consequences?
Lesson 7 Assessment

Year 10

Autumn 1 Mental Health and Well-Being

Lesson 1 Managing touch times. Change, Grief, and Bereavement 
Lesson 2 Suicide
Lesson 3 Managing Social Anxiety
Lesson 4 Social Media and Self-Esteem
Lesson 5 Screen Time
Lesson 6 Assessment

Autumn 2 Living Responsibly

Lesson 1 Managing time effectively
Lesson 2 Living sustainably 
Lesson 3 Homelessness
Lesson 4 Hate crime
Lesson 5 Tatoos and Piercings
Lesson 6 Binge Drinking
Lesson 7 Assessment

Spring 1 Living in the Wider World

Lesson 1 The right career for me
Lesson 2 Employability skills: CV
Lesson 3 Careers in STEM
Lesson 4 Preparing for work
Lesson 5 Rights and responsibilities 
Lesson 6 Why do we need an International Women's Day
Lesson 7 Assessment

Spring  2 Living in the Wider World

Lesson 1 The Criminal Justice System
Lesson 2 Anti-social behaviour
Lesson 3 County Lines
Lesson 4 Money Laundering
Lesson 5 Terrorisim and Holy War
Lesson 6 Over and Covert racism
Lesson 7 Fake news and critical thinking

Summer 1 RSHE: Relationships

Lesson 1 Conflict management 
Lesson 2 Forced and arrnaged marriages 
Lesson 3 Harrassment and Stalking
Lesson 4 Revenge Porn
Lesson 5 Relationships with Role Models
Lesson 6 Assessment

Summer 2 Relationships and Diversity

Lesson 1 Same sex relationships
Lesson 2 Gender and trans identity
Lesson 3 Community cohesion 
Lesson 4 Sexism
Lesson 5 Parenting
Lesson 6 Assessment