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The brilliant Mr Anderson working with year 9 today. Perfect uniform, perfect attitude and perfect start. Very proud. 💜


Great start to the year for all year groups! 🙂Huge thank you to parents for supporting us making our Covid plans work so well! We really appreciate your support.


Amazing first day with our year 7, 11 and 12. We are so, so pleased to have you back! You were phenomenal today. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the year groups Monday!


Fantastic cohort 👍🎓


We are all hugely excited to welcome back our young people! Details for each year group can be found here:


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Some were in yesterday & some today...we'd like to say a huge to our #2020/21 cohort & a to our team! 🎓🏫☀️🖥📚


Two of our students off to Oxford University today! Miles is going to University College to read History. Omar is reading History at Trinity College. We are so, so proud of you both!


Miriam, we were so lucky to have you at HAF and Uni.Greenwich are again lucky to have you. Superstar!!


Retweetd From Miriam L-U

Results day is here! Been a privilege to spend my 2 years at , great teaching and great company! Woke up to acceptance at my first choice 😃🎉. Moving onto the next chapter, en route to being a teacher!


We are all incredibly proud of all our year 13s today, many of which secured places at top universities. They are very lucky to have you.


Really pleased to see so many Year 10 students back today 👏👏. 👀 Looking forward to seeing the rest of you during the week.


The Academy welcomes the return of our Year 10 students back onto site from Monday 15th June 2020, starting with groups 1, 2, 3 & 4.


Thanks for you continued patience with the issue currently affecting access to Microsoft Teams. We are still working on a full resolution to the issue, however some students' Teams should slowly become available again during today.


We are aware of an issue with Microsoft Teams that may be preventing students from logging on or seeing their correct classes across the Federation. We are working to resolve this issue, and will update you when this has been resolved.


***UPDATE*** Following further Government guidance, Y10 students are now planned for return on Monday 15th June.


***UPDATE*** Following further guidance, Y10 students are now planned for return on Monday 15th June.


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Have you nominated someone going the extra mile to help others? A young person nominated to us 🏆 COULD win £50 and a letter from Sir Jack 💪 WILL be contacted by the Foundation and thanked for their work with a certificate and momento. Nominate today


We will be open for Y10 students in a regular, part time and structured manner from Monday June 1st 2020. Provision for students of key workers and those categorised as vulnerable will also continue separately on the Academy site.


Our Induction Evening for parents and carers of new Y7 students will not go ahead as planned. Instead, the Induction Evening presentation will be accessible via the Harris Academy Falconwood website from 7.00pm on Thursday 11th June.


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There is no set date for schools to reopen. Schools will remain closed to most until scientific advice indicates it is right to reopen and the five tests set out to beat this virus have been met.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Student Home Working Information & Resources

Online Learning and Working from Home

What is expected of students?

You are expected to complete and submit work for all tasks set by your teachers by the given deadlines. The tasks will be set on Microsoft Teams. Your teacher will use this platform to monitor your completion of the tasks and to provide feedback. You will be given deadlines, which you are expected to meet.

If your teacher is concerned that you may be falling behind, they will first contact you on Teams to check that you understand and make sure you have enough support to complete the work. This is exactly as they would do at the Academy.

Just like at the Academy, if your teacher is very concerned that you aren’t logging into Teams and completing work, despite them having communicated with you, they will contact your parent or carer and raise the concerns with them.

The best way for you to manage your workload at home is to follow your timetable closely; you must be disciplined with this. Your teachers will provide you with enough work.

How can I get help from my teacher?

If you have attempted a task and you find you are unable to complete it because you need more guidance, you should first message your teacher on Teams and then by email if you don’t get a response – there is a risk that your message may not have reached your teacher if something has gone wrong.

You can always use the ‘chat’ function in Teams to seek support during Academy hours. You should never just ‘leave’ the work; you are responsible for managing your work and it must all be completed in full and turned into Teams on time.

How should I communicate with my teacher?

This section has guidance about how to communicate with your teacher and other students about schoolwork, Academy matters or any worries or questions you may have.

You should send messages using Teams and/or email to your teachers to ask questions or for support. This communication is all accessible on the Teams page allowing your teachers instant access to your queries.

All Teams communication should be made between the normal Academy hours on weekdays. Your teachers will not communicate with you outside of these times.  Your communication and all messages on Teams should be formal.

How will I know when the Academy is going to open again?

New information from the Academy about coronavirus, including details of possible Academy closures, can be found at This will always have the very latest information.

We will also update the Academy website, please ensure you are checking this for new announcements that will be shown on the home page.  Letters and emails to your parents/carers will be sent to keep them up to date.

You won’t easily be able to call the Academy as there will be limited reception staff on duty. If there are any changes or any guidance published by exam boards for your examinations, we will let you know of this immediately.

How do I access the remote working systems (Sharepoint & Teams)?

Y7-10 Sharepoint & Teams Access

Useful Websites

We are still developing this list but we hope you find it helpful.


Bedrock Learning

Bedrock Learning is available for all students in Key Stage 3, students should be completing two lessons a week



  • This should be year 11’s first point-of-call where they can access a wide variety of rich GCSE resources and videos
  •  Year 11s can access predicted and past papers available with mark schemes
  •  Year 11s can access topic questions to help them revise on their areas of development
  • Year 11s can access predicted and past papers available with mark schemes
  • Year 11s can access topic questions to help them revise on their areas of development. This website allows you to focus on specific assessment objectives (e.g. problem solving)
  • Year 11s can access online exam style questions which are instantly marked. This website also provides full predicted papers, with a video walkthrough





  • Spanish
  • Quizlet (greatHAFespanol2017)
  • Duolingo's online Spanish language learning programme
  • Notes, video tutorials and tests by BBC Bitesize
  • Seneca Learning AQA Spanish
  • Grammar activities on Lingolia
  • Learning activities by
  • Various resources from
  • Flash cards, quizzes and more from
  • Fast Past papers AQA Spanish
  • Google search 'GCSE Spanish AQA revision’

Business Studies



  • Gojimo

Art & Design

Physical Education & Sports Studies



Food Preparation & Nutrition


Design & Technology

Page Downloads

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